Ben Lim

Founder & Managing Director

Ben has been in the investment business for over 25 years. His working experience spans across many countries globally and he has extensive knowledge in both quantitative and traditional portfolio management as well as private equity investment.

He started his career at Roll & Ross Asset Management (RRAM) in Los Angeles USA where he worked with renowned quantitative scientists, Richard W. Roll and Stephen A. Ross. Between the years 1988 and 1994 at RRAM, Ben served as a fund manager with responsibilities in the management of both US and international portfolios employing the APT (Arbitrage Pricing Theory).

Since moving to Singapore in 1995, Ben had served as fund manager at Overseas Union Bank Asset Management (OUBAM) in Singapore, as Chief Operating Officer of PT Amsteel Asset Management in Jakarta, Indonesia and as an in-house fund strategist with Citibank Singapore.

Ben has been with GEMS Capital since he founded the company in early 1999. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Mississippi and his Master of Science from Ohio University, Ohio, USA

Eric Lim

Executive Director

Over the past 26 years, Eric has been dealing with his Families Real Estate Development Businesses in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, and parts of USA, besides others.

Concurrently, he has acquired more than 15 years of experience in Project Financing, covering sectors that include Infrastructure, Commercial, IT, Life Sciences & Green Projects etc. All of which were supported by his Ultra High Networth Investors (UHNI) from Europe.

Having worked and operated from HK, the UK, and Switzerland for many years, Eric has also been instrumental in helping to professionally manage funds of his European UHNIs that invested in sound projects both regionally and internationally.

Besides his vast experiences in project financing and investments, he also works closely with his UK and Swiss Team, in dealing with the transactions of Top Prime Bank’s financial instruments.

For the past 18 years and during his free time, Eric had also supervised and carried out many humanitarian projects, focusing on the supply of clean and safe water, to rural villages and towns, mostly in Asia. Together with his team, they have successfully completed more than 138 water treatment plants (WTPs) along the Chao Phraya & Tacheen River in Thailand, and more than 16 WTPs along the Mekong River in Vietnam, besides others in Indonesia and Malaysia, etc. These projects had all been installed and commissioned. He and his Team still continues in the above humanitarian work till today.

Eric has relocated to Singapore recently and he is now the Executive Director of GEMS CAPITAL.

Uking Lin

CPA, Executive Director

Uking has more than 18 years of professional experience in Deloitte Taiwan and Deloitte Southeast Asia (SEA) in the areas of accounting, assurance, corporate finance, & business development advisory.

Prior to joining Deloitte Taiwan in 1997, he was the finance manager of a publicly listed technology company in Taiwan. In Deloitte Taiwan, Uking has 6 years of auditor experience and he subsequently established the Clients & Markets team of Deloitte Taiwan to facilitate the provision of cross function services to strategic clients.  He also supported the development and implementation of a firmwide marketing and business development strategy including IPO Strategy Program, Industry Program, Business Opportunity and Market Driver Program.

In Deloitte SEA, he spearheaded the integration of Chinese Service Group across Southeast East Asia into one to successfully provide multifunction services to Chinese company across greater China.

Uking is currently the key investment strategist at GEMS responsible for the overall portfolio investment focus and strategy.


Jocelyn Chng

Executive Director

Jocelyn holds a Master of Art degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Ohio University, USA. She has a strong background in the fixed-income and mortgage financing market.

She started her career as an Escrow Officer with Perfect Escrow Inc. in California where she served as an adviser to real estate agents and loan brokers in facilitating mortgage loan transactions.

She then moved on to be the loan manager at Loan Cal, Inc. California where she was the head of the loan processing department in charge of a team in credit analysis. At Loan Cal, She dealt directly with major lenders such as banks and mortgage financing institutions.

Between 1999 and 2002, Jocelyn served as the Finance Director for an education group in Singapore, where she was responsible for the strategic planning, budgeting and the overall financial management of the company.

She has been with GEMS Capital since 2003.

Jersey Lim


Jersey is currently the Business Development Director of GEMS. He is a graduate of Murdoch University Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He has had a long career in the minerals and mining sector.

His last position was with PT PAM Group Indonesia (PAM) where he spent more than a decade there. PAM is a diversified group with businesses in mining, property development and education. The Group has been granted many concession rights for many different type of mines in Indonesia. These include tin, coal, nickel, iron ore, manganese, etc. It has had a long mining history since its formation in 1983.

As Managing Director of PAM, Jersey was responsible for the overall business strategies and direction, and the development of the group’s mining and sales operations. His portfolio included due diligence for potential mine joint operations, investments and off-take agreements, marketing and negotiation of Nickel Iron, Manganese Ore, Tapioca, Urea and coal.

Lai Ming Cheng

PhD, Director

Dr. Lai is a Taiwanese and he has both a PhD degree in Business Management from Fudan University and a Medical PhD degree in Chinese Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. He is also a certified master trainer in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program).

He travels extensively globally to conduct in-house training seminars for conglomerates on business management and strategic thinking. With his multi-discipline training, Dr. Lai is able to help GEMS in its overseas business development especially in the North Asia region.

Working together with our Singapore team, Dr. Lai was instrumental in helping to bring a couple of Singapore listed companies to successfully do a secondary listing in Taiwan through Taiwan Depository Receipts (TDRs) previously.

Dr. Lai has many years of hands-on experience in the financial, medical and medical technology sector.